New App Alerts Parents When A Naked Picture Is Found On Your Phone

We all know how awkward it is when your parents take a peak at your texts, but a new application is taking it to the next level. Nope, not even a passcode can protect you from this one. 

Gallery Guardian was developed with the aim of protecting children and young adults from indecent images by alerting parents when these pictures are detected on their phone. 

The newly-developed app analyses every picture taken or received, and automatically detects if the image features nudity or not, using an image recognition algorithm. When nudity is detected, parents are immediately alerted. 

According to the website, “Gallery Guardian looks through all current and future images on your child’s device and notifies you in real time."

“[You will] immediately get notified when a suspicious image has been detected on your child’s device and discover how and when the image in question got on your child’s device."

But, how does it work? Daniel Skowronski, founder of YIPO Technologies, states: "Quite simply, first it will identify if there is a human in the picture. The more skin there is, the more the algorithm advances to the point where it will get to a 'suspicious image detected'."

What about snaps? Although the app is proven to work, it is known for failing to recognise images on Snapchat. Another issue with Gallery Guardian is that it fails to acknowledge a predominantly clothed image featuring exposed genitalia due to the "different varieties in shapes and sizes."

Is this an invasion of privacy or a blessing in disguise? Share your thoughts!