Niall Horan Confirms That One Direction Will Be Reuniting!

Attention all One Direction fans! We urge you to take a seat before reading beyond this sentence for fear of hyperventilation and fainting. 

Niall Horan has just confirmed that One Direction ~will~ be making a return at some point in the future! 

Yep, you heard that right! They will be making a return!

"We will back. We would be silly no to ... ridiculous," the 23-year-old told Sunday People. Fans were destraught when former 1D member, Zayn Malik, left the band without warning and there was a global uproar when the foursome announced an indefinite hiatus. 

In October, he announced on The Graham Norton Show that the group was very close to confirming a reunion date. “I’m doing this, Harry’s doing a movie,” he said. “Harry did a movie. You know, we’re all doing our own bits and pieces. Can’t really put a date on it, but it’s not gonna be 50 years away. It’s in the foreseeable [future] ... I don’t think anyone needs to worry about us, we are fine." 

Yeah, we're not okay right now.