Niall Horan Gets An Award For His Charity Work!

Okay, there is an endless list of reasons why we love Niall Horan. We’re sure you love him too, so you can help us out with that list too. But now the king of dyeing his hair blond has added a new reason for us to be even prouder of him than we already are, he’s receiving an award for his charity work! More specifically, he’s being presented with an Arnie Award by Golf Digest!

The announcement was made earlier today, and we’re shook! We’re so happy for Niall, he definitely deserves it!

We’re hoping he continues his charity work, and continues using his influence to change the world. We’re so proud of him, and we love that he’s doing so much for people! Isn’t he just the sweetest?! We can’t wait till Niall’s album finally comes out so we can cry over it and love it more than we love ourselves.

So what do you think? Are you happy for Niall? Proud of him? Let us know!