One Of The Stranger Things Kids Has A YouTube Channel!

Noah Schnapp (AKA the adorable Will Byers in Stranger Things) has started making YouTube videos! Tbh we watched it, and we thought it was pretty lit!

A few days ago, the 12-year-old actor tweeted that he'd planned on naming his channel "Schnapptube", which is quite literally the cutest title ever! 

Our wishes were soon granted when Noah uploaded his first vlog taking us along on his trip to Los Angeles, hitting the red carpet for the Screen Actors Guild Awards and footage of the cast's huge win! But, our fave part has to be seeing the kids let loose at Netflix's after party. Um, where was our invite?

Not going to lie, we were pretty surprised at how good his editing skills were! We can’t wait to see what else he comes up with, because who knows, maybe he’ll become the next big YouTube star? In the meantime, if you wanna watch his first video you can do so here:

We wish we were there too, how fun would that be?! They even mentioned something about season 2, which makes us ~so~ impatient for the next season! Hurry up please, we’re dying here!