Orange Is The New Black Season Five Has A Release Date And A Teaser!

Ever since we binge watched Orange Is The New Black last year, we’ve been ~dying~ to know what happens next! After all that drama in the last two episodes, we haven’t been able to even, counting down the days until we can finally find out what happens next!

Well, now we ~finally~ have a release date, and it’s….**drum roll please**...June 9!

June 9 honestly can’t come soon enough, we can’t wait to watch the whole thing in one day! In revealing the release date, they also gave us a bit of a teaser! The fifteen second clip shows several characters with grim expressions (which is only fair since they’re still mourning someone’s death)! 

We’re so excited for the new season, and we’re counting down the days until then! *for the record, it’s 120 days*. It looks like it’s going to be lit, and have us just as emotional as before!

What do you think? Are you excited for the new season? Are you also shook? Let us know!