Our Top 5 Christmas YouTube Videos!

Christmas is coming up, so we decided to get into the festive mood (featuring some of our favourite YouTubers of course!). From vlogs, to collabs to literally anything, YouTubers know how to get us into the Christmas spirit! To celebrate, here are some of our favourite Christmas videos that YouTubers have released.

1. Literally Every Zoella Vlogmas Video

Zoella LOVES Christmas, and she shows it every day of December. Every year we look forward to her Christmas videos, and every time she hits that upload button, it brings us all kinds of joy! Although, to be fair, when she hits the upload button in January to November, we get that tingly feeling of joy. 

2. A Christmas Quiz (feat. Zoella) by Tanya Burr

Zoella may be the queen of Christmas, but Tanya Burr is a close second! Her Christmas video gets us right into the Christmas spirit, and we love it! When we want to know everything there is to know about Christmas, we go to this video, because who better to teach you everything about Christmas than Tanya and Zoella!?

3. Christmas Song Challenge (feat Tanya Burr) by Zoella

When you need a Christmas playlist, you need to watch this video! We definitely trust Zoella and Tanya to give us the best Christmas songs ever, and we’ll definitely be jamming to these songs until December 25th! It’s the perfect video to make a playlist to, and we can’t wait to have them on repeat!
*downloads literally every song they mention in the video*

4. The Drunk 12 Days of Christmas Challenge (feat Sawyer Hartman) by Tyler Oakley  

When we’re feeling a little silly (and Christmassy), we love to watch this video! Seeing Tyler and Sawyer get drunk and bring light to Christmas lyrics that we barely thought about is so entertaining. Plus, it brings two of our faves together, so we definitely love it! Let’s hope we get another collab this year too!

5. Types Of People At Christmas by Marcus Butler

Marcus Butler showed us how truly relatable he was when he made this video, and that’s why we love him! We just hope we’re not one of those people when it’s Christmas Day, except of course, Christmas jumpers! We can’t wear Christmas jumpers here, but we definitely love our Christmas shirts though! Cries because we’ll never get a snowy Christmas