PrankvsPrank Might Have A Daughter?!

After being pressed and asked about his daughter on Twitter, PrankvsPrank decided to tell us the very personal story of a girl who might be his daughter.

He explained that the girl’s father may either be him, or two other guys whom the mother had been with. The story actually appears to be quite intense as he describes the circumstances, and the type of person the mother of the baby was.

If you’d like to watch him tell the story, you can do so here:

He told the story in hopes of the daughter finding him, or that he might get some answers to the situation. We hope he does get answers eventually! Whether it’s now, or when she’s 18, or even if the adoptive parents ever decide to get in contact with him again. It must be the worst having to deal with not knowing if your daughter is your daughter and not even being able to know anything about her for years. We hope he’s okay.