Proof That A Wizards Of Waverly Place Reunion May Happen!

Is there going to be a Wizards of Waverly Place reunion? We honestly hope so, because a world where Selena Gomez is Alex Russo again is something we 100% fully support!

Selena took to Instagram to post her first ever Instagram Story starring David Henrie (who played Alex’s brother, Justin Russo).

In the Instagram Story, Selena and David discuss the idea of a reunion and what the reunion will entail, featuring David predicting the fate of the main characters (and making Justin a whole lot more successful than the others)!

If you want to see what the cast had to say about what the reunion would be like (and a lot more!) you can view Selena’s entire Insta story here:

That little reunion on its own was enough to make us squeal, so imagine an actual reunion with actual magic and actual everything?!

We’re so ready tbh, it’s going to be lit, we’re going to be shook and we’re crossing our fingers that it’ll happen!

**prays to the Disney gods**

So what do you think? Do you think this reunion will happen? Are you keen for it? Let us know!