Proof That Ed Sheeran Is A Musical Legend!

We think it’s pretty easy to come to the conclusion that Ed Sheeran is an exceptionally good singer and songwriter. Ed not only has a beautiful voice, but he somehow manages to lyricise sentences that are feelings we have felt but couldn’t put into words. Every song he writes is unique, interesting, and has an amazing storyline which becomes more evident the closer you listen and take in his words.

So how is he so brilliant? Well, we have no idea. Ed Sheeran is an amazing human all round, and to think that there’s someone that talented baffles us. By the tone in his voice while singing, you can hear how meaningful his lyrics are to him. In his new album Divide, he has two songs that make you feel like you’ve been through all the loss and sadness he has encountered – they’re called Happier and Supermarket Flowers. Happier is about a breakup and how the girl has moved on and is happier but Ed is still in love, but the way he sings it makes you feel like any exes you have were completely worth it (which is a bit of a worry!). 

Supermarket Flowers is about Ed’s late grandmother and while listening to the song you imagine him tiding up her room after her death and how heaven has gained an angel. A particularly beautiful line in this song is “A heart that’s broke is a heart that’s been loved,” which truly makes you think about all the people in your life who are worth it. 

If you haven’t listened to Divide yet, we completely recommend that you do so because you won’t be disappointed. In saying that, if you haven’t listened to Ed’s other albums such as + and 5, you should do that too, because even though they’re not brand new, they’re brilliant (and can just as easily move you to tears!). 

Thank you, Ed, for blessing us all with your lyrics and the stories behind them. You’re truly a musical legend.