Proof That You're Jealous Of Millie Bobby Brown And Finn Wolfhard

Since the release of the Netflix hit, Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown and Finn Wolfhard's faces have ~literally~ been a daily fixture on the Internet. Admit it- at least once a day you come across either of these kids on your scrolling spree. 

Well, they have taken to the cover of your fave magazines now, most notably, their recent appearance in the Winter issue of 'DAZED'. Photographed by Collier Schorr, the inspiring young stars talk about auditioning for the show and how they felt when they got their respective parts. Read an excerpt from the magazine:

Finn Wolfhard

On auditioning for the show: “I did it sick from bed, just on my phone, then I emailed it. Mike and Ross (Duffer, the show’s creators) loved it, and they made me do it again. Finally, I came to LA and met them.”

On playing Mike in Season Two: “I’d love to see myself a little heartbroken. You know, because Elle’s been gone for a year, so I’d love to see him (have to) conquer being a little sad, a little depressed.”

Millie Bobby Brown

On getting the part: “They didn’t tell me anything, they just said, ‘Your name is Eleven – relate yourself to ET. That was it. I got the job the next day.”

The day it was released: “I was actually in a car on my way to San Francisco. I didn’t even watch it when it came out. I just saw my Instagram followers going up every second. I went from 25 to 1·4 million – pretty cool.”

Winona Ryder: “Winona is also a heroine in the show – and Natalia (Dyer, who plays Nancy Wheeler). We’re all just in a different age range, but it’s cool to have female heroines ... She’s [Winona] incredible, ultra-professional and a really good friend. I met her in the production office and we were all having lunch and she just came in and was like, ‘I was told that I look like you!’ We’d sneak away to her trailer to eat cheese and crackers and gossip.”

  The current issue of ' DAZED ' is out now!

The current issue of 'DAZED' is out now!

  The current issue of ' DAZED ' is out now!

The current issue of 'DAZED' is out now!