Revelmode Is Now None Of PewdiePie’s Business

In the continuation of PewdiePie's punishment for his anti-Semitic behaviour, the YouTuber has now announced that the business he worked so hard on, Revelmode, has been shut down. According To PewdiePie, it has been shut down for a while now, and he kept trying to keep it on the down low in his efforts to save it.

PewdiePie explains the situation in much more depth in this video:

But as we know, he isn't the type to just give up and let everything go down the train. Pewds also mentioned that he’s still hiring people, attempting to create better videos, better content, and to entertain his viewers as much as he can.

He’s also stated that taking away his business, among all the other things that he’s lost as a direct result of his actions, was the worst thing they've done so far.

So what do you think? Do you think PewdiePie deserves all this punishment? Do you think he deserved to lose his TV show? Do you think the Internet needs to forgive him? Let us know!