REVIEW: Joe & Caspar Hit The Road USA

Joe and Caspar kept us waiting anxiously as the timer for their arrival counted down from 10 minutes. As Cold Water started playing, it was clear that the crowd was shook. They weren't prepared to "let go" of their faves, anticipating the moment they'd get the opportunity to scream their lungs out at the arrival of two ~incredible~ boys.

The lights went off, and the crowd erupted in cheers! When the boys arrived, the screaming never stopped, and the pitch was higher than our grades. The fans roared when they showed us a trailer of their new movie Joe & Caspar Hit The Road USA

They had a sing off, where they mimed several songs. Including What Do You Mean by Justin Bieber and Baby One More Time by Britney Spears. They also had the audacity to mime along to a Shawn Mendes song, which just so happens to be at the SAME venue as his Sydney show the other day. 

*drowns in feels*

One of the highlights was the Brain Freeze challenge, where Joe & Caspar changed into just a pair of boxers. Needless to say, they were shirtless, and we were SHOOK! In fact, we’re still dying right now over it!

*replays our videos from the show over and over again*

For those who don’t know, the Brain Freeze challenge is where you’re sitting in a bath of freezing cold ice water, and you’re given some really hard questions to ask.   

The show also featured the boys as cowboys *if they need cowgirls, we’re available*, where at one point, Caspar lassoed Joe while he was wrapped in bubble wrap! The show ended when the scores were tallied up (the winner of each individual challenge were given a point), and Joe was the winner!

Not going to lie, we fangirled when we saw Joe dressed as a king, and Caspar in his hot dog costume! It was a night we’ll never forget, and hopefully a night everyone else won’t forget either!

Have you been to one of Joe and Caspar's shows?