Riverdale Is Finally Back Today!

Literally everyone you know is obsessed with Riverdale, from your teachers, to your friends to your grandma. It’s everybody’s favourite show! If you’ve seen the show, you’d know exactly why that’s the case! So when Riverdale went on a three week hiatus, a terrible famine was inflicted upon the land, and we were all just sitting there waiting for it to come back like:


We mean, sure, they had a few deleted scenes to feed our obsession while we waited, but it still wasn’t enough. We needed more! We needed the next episode!

But now, the wait is almost over, because Riverdale is returning tonight! We’re finally going to get a new episode after waiting three whole weeks! It’s literally almost as painful as waiting for the Amplify tour to start, we can’t wait anymore! But we’re so ready to watch the heck out of the new episode tonight, it’s definitely going to be lit! Now to just get through the day and we’ll be set!

So what do you think? Are you excited for Riverdale tonight? Do you watch Riverdale? Let us know!