Prepare your ears for the soothing sound of ThienTunes!

Thien is an Adelaide based YouTuber & Musician. His content is unlike any other that we came across while searching for Breakthrough YouTubers to showcase.

“I think the content I produce has my own unique touch to it, my own style and creativity is brought to all the videos I produce.” He said. 

Check out his cover of Halsey’s ‘Is There Somewhere'!

The drums are Thien’s main instrument, but since starting his YouTube channel back in 2012, he’s been honing in on his singing and guitar playing.  

“I didn't start learning how to sing or play guitar until 2012, which was when I first created my YouTube channel and also started self-teaching myself how to play/sing through tutorials.” He said. 

Be sure to follow him on YouTube & all his other social media. We reckon he’s one to watch!

TWITTER: thientunes

INSTAGRAM: thientunes

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YOUTUBE: ThienTunes