Sam Pottorff And Rosa Van Iterson Have Officially Tied The Knot!

Yes, you read that right, Sam Pottorff has tied the knot with Rosa!

The iconic YouTuber got married on March 4, and from the pictures they’ve shared with us, the wedding looks beautiful, heartfelt, elating and of course; lit! They shared some beautiful pictures of them together as bride and groom, and they’ve made us so happy! 

It looks like such an amazing wedding, we wish we could have been there! The only thing that’s wrong with this is that now Sam is officially “Orff” the market forever.

All jokes aside, we wish Sam and Rosa the happiest of marriages! We hope they can be the happiest couple in the world, because let’s be real, they deserve it.

So what do you think? Are you happy for Sam and Rosa? Wish it was you? Wish you were there? Let us know!