Shane Dawson Kicked Out Of An Event Because He Isn’t Straight

Yesterday, we were shocked when Shane Dawson started tweeting that he’d been ruthlessly kicked out of a military party because of Tomi Lahren. Security tried to break his leg, and claimed that Shane hadn't been on the list when he actually was.

Shane described what happened in these now deleted tweets:

Shane also posted this on Snapchat, showing him and his boyfriend arguing with the security guard that had removed them from the premises:

While Shane has insisted that he doesn’t want to make a big deal out of it, the Internet has agreed that this was a hate crime, and came together with the hashtag #IStandWithShane in support of him. According to Shane, the hate crime was done by the security.

Tomi responded with this Facebook post about “fake news”:

Which was then immediately debunked:

We send our love to Shane Dawson and hope he recovers speedily, both emotionally and physically.