Shani Grimmond Addresses Some Super Important Issues In Her Recent Q&A

If you’ve ever seen a Shani Grimmond chit chat video you know she’s not one to hold back. She’s always open with talking about personal experience or topics that some might find embarrassing or cringey. In previous videos she has talked about periods, fake friends, overcoming shyness and farting in front of her boyfriend.

Shani’s not afraid to talk about much, she doesn’t hold back and says how she feels proudly and we LOVE IT!

In her most recent Q&A Shani addressed some super important topics.

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She starts off by explaining how angry she is when people kiss or touch her without consent when she’s out clubbing.

“What makes you think that a girl, that you don’t even know, wants you to touch them?.... The amount of times I’ve walked past a guy and they’ve slapped me on the arse and I’ve turned around to see who it was and I can’t them because they’ve ran away because they know it’s wrong, blows my mind.”

Shani goes on to talk about sponsored content online and when it can be a negative thing, dealing and eventually accepting her parents divorce, and how she has dealt with rude subscribers and her social anxiety as a YouTuber.

We are loving that so many important topics were addressed in just one Q&A. What do you think of her video?