Shannon Noll Arrested Outside of A Club

It looks like Shannon Noll went from Australia’s best stages to Australia’s best …. prisons?

Last night, Shannon Noll was arrested for assaulting a security guard outside of a strip club! Apparently he had been kicked out of the club and told the security guard “I’m Shannon Noll, let me back in," and when they had refused, he punched one of them in the face.

Damn, we guess being the runner up of Australian Idol 2003 doesn’t get you much these days! His night must have been in arrested development after that!
*imagines Shannon Noll on an episode of Orange Is The New Black*

The Internet had a field day with the news, posting these hilarious reactions!

Do you think when Shannon gets out, he’ll call an uber, only to be told “Nah mate, you’ve gotta Lyft”?