Shawn Mendes Will Be Starring In A Musical!

It was just announced that the Treat You Better singer will be starring in the new movie/musical Summer Of Love, directed by Ivan Reitman. The movie’s plot has not been revealed yet, but rumour has it that it will centre around the events of summer 1967, where 100,000 people gathered to protest against the Vietnam War. Judging from that little bit of information we have, we can tell this will most definitely be amazing It sounds like a movie we’ll definitely love to see, and with Shawn Mendes being in it, how could we pass up the opportunity? We mean, look at him!

Shawn Mendes has done some acting in the past, in small comedic roles, so we’re definitely down to see how he’ll do in a full movie! Acting in Buzzfeed and Funny Or Die is cool, but it’s even cooler to actually be in a full cinematic movie! We’re so proud of Shawn, we can’t wait to see him there, it’s most definitely going to be one of the most incredible movies we’ll see, and since it’s a musical, we’ll get to hear him sing!

So what do you think? Are you excited for this movie? Let us know!