Shay Carl Caught Cheating On His Wife

Shay Carl, the patriarch of the Shaytards YouTube channel/family, was caught cheating on his wife via DMs to another woman. The other woman, whose name is Aria, revealed that Shay was extremely rude to her, and was also quite sexual with her. He sent many sexual messages to her, and Aria posted this screenshot as proof:

Shay also decided to respond on Twitter, blaming his actions on alcohol. Shay has had a drinking problem for years, and started drinking again three months ago. While alcohol can negatively affect someone’s decision making and actions, we don’t think alcohol is a legitimate excuse for what he’s done. Shay posted this long AF note on Twitter:

We hope he gets the help he needs ASAP, and also hope that his family can get through this. We send our love to the Shaytards!