Shia LaBeouf Yells At A White Supremacist

Shia LaBeouf, in response to Donald Trump winning the election, started a live stream that features people chanting “He will not divide us!” 24/7 until Trump’s presidency has ended.

It was going quite smoothly, until a white supremacist went up to the camera and had the nerve to say “We must secure the existence of white people."  Which of course, angered Shia, and lead him to respond in the best way possible:

Tbh we’re proud of Shia’s response, and think he handled that perfectly! He shut the racist down, and indeed proved that he will not divide us!

Shia also had no time for a another troll who told Shia, who is Jewish, that “Hitler did nothing wrong." Shia obviously and understandably got angry and reacted this way:

It looks like Shia LaBeouf is doing amazing things, and we wish we could be there with him! Not gonna lie, we’re impressed!