Someone Did A Bad Lip Reading Of The Inauguration And We’re OBSESSED!

We didn’t watch the inauguration because ew, Trump. But if we had, we’re pretty sure it would have gone down exactly like this!

As they do a terrible job reading the attendees’ lips, we end up listening to the funniest conversations between current and former presidents (and other people like the first lady, and the former first lady). With opportunities to hear Hilary Clinton say things like “Leave it to me, I’m gonna squeeze him," we can't help but crack up!

If you’d like to watch the bad lip reading, you can do so here:

Isn’t it hilarious?! We’re ~literally~ dying, and we’ll be rewatching it over and over again! Tbh, we would have definitely watched the actual inauguration if it was gonna be as funny as this, and can you blame us?!

So what do you think? Did you think it was as amusing as we did? Did you LOL to new heights? Let us know!