Someone Made A Beyoncé Video Game & We're Obsessed!

In response to the controversial decision to give Adele the Album Of The Year Grammy award over Beyoncé, someone made a video game where Beyoncé has to collect as many lemons as possible in order to make lemonade. The game - made by Joe Laquinte, Justin Au, Line Johnsen and Colby Spear - is based on the tie in film that Beyoncé released alongside her album.

In the game, you have to smash windshields and a picture of Becky with the good hair, among other things! If you’d like to, you can play the game here:

Although we should warn you, the game gets really addictive! So if you have homework to do first, do that! Otherwise you’d never get it done! We think the game is hilarious, creative and cool, and hope it becomes a massive game that everyone loves! We’ll be playing this whenever we can! 

So what do you think? Did you play the game? Love it? Hate it? Let us know!