Someone Used Makaia Carr’s Image To Catfish Someone For Seven Years!

Makaia Carr is a popular fitness model from New Zealand, and a Mum. But she was much more than that to a man from America, who had contacted her, believing to have been in a relationship with her for seven years. Not at fault of his own, but because a woman who he believed to be Makaia had actually been catfishing him! The catfisher had not only been using Makaia’s own images, but they had also used her friends’ photos too, making up lives for them.

The man who 'she' was fooling was obviously pretty angry when he found out, calling Makaia to find out the truth, which would of course leave him pretty shaken up. Upon finding out, Makaia’s friends tracked down the catfisher and confronted her, who immediately apologised and revealed that she was seeking help.

"It has been quite an emotional roller coaster really. It has given me a little bit of fear online and you start to second guess what you do on social media," Makaia told The Daily Mail. "Since finding out and reading some of the messages you feel quite sick about the dirty lie.".

The woman was caught out when she told him about a boxing match that Makaia had been in, and claimed that there was no video, which was later disproven when the man found the video on YouTube, chanting Makaia’s name.

Makaia found out what had happened and decided to post about it on Facebook; showing the creepy messages, and just how easy it is to get caught up in it.

Please let this be a reminder to stay safe on social media, and to remind your friends to always remain cautious. There are heaps of creeps out there, and we want you guys to be safe when you’re online!

So what do you think? Are you as creeped out as we are? Let us know!