Spongebob Squarepants, Pizza and Hot Dogs With Hey Violet!

From touring the world with 5 Seconds of Summer to being named 'Artist Primed For A Breakout in 2017' by Billboard, Hey Violet is taking the music world by storm. 

We caught up with lead singer Rena Lovelis and guitarist Casey Moreta from the American alt-pop band, and had a bit of fun with them. 

Have a listen, and let us know your favourite moments! 

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Q: Your album From The Outside is coming out on June 16th, which of you came up with the album title? (via breakmyrena)

Rena: I think either Nia or Miranda suggested it. I think we actually got it from one of the lyrics in the songs. We were going through the lyrics somewhere in our group chat on Whatsapp - because we're constantly 'Whatsapp-ing' - and we compiled a bunch of names from the lyrics and 'From the Outside' came up. 

Q: Do you have a favourite song from this album or one you're looking forward to your fans hearing? (via xoargie)

Casey: I mean, we all have our own favourite songs but I think mine would be 'My Consequence'.
Rena: Mine would be 'Where Have You Been (All My Night)'

Q: So you've changed quite a lot over the past few years - both musically and aesthetically - do you feel more grown up or are you still all kids at heart? (via CHVNELRENA)

Rena: I mean I think we definitely have moments of acting like f**king children. So... Sorry am I not allowed to curse? Just edit that out! But, I think we all have our moments of acting like children. We constantly reference Spongebob all the time. But, I definitely feel like the music has grown as we've grown, and we have really grown together as a unit and I feel like it really shows in the music that we're now playing. 

Q: What's your favourite Spongebob reference?

Rena: There's this one episode where Spongebob and Patrick get this invisible spray, and they take their clothes off so it looks like they aren't there, and they start scaring people around Bikini Bottom, and the people are yelling 'Ghosts, ghosts, ghosts!'. It then pans to this one shot of a fish that's holding a piece of toast and he just goes 'Toast'. That's my favourite!

Q: There's been quite a dramatic change in the type of music you produce - which we absolutely love - did you ever consider changing the band's name again to reflect this change in sound? (via MigraineGoner)

Casey: No, I think that was the point of changing it to 'Hey Violet' from the old name because it was like: new people, new direction. Even though the album sounds different from the first EP, I think it's just been a natural growing process especially with our new producer Julian who has really shaped our sound, and where we want to go. We are super stoked about it!

Rena: Yeah I think it's just a gradual thing that happens with bands and artists. The music is always going to change and we do feel like we are 'Hey Violet' now instead of anything else.

Q: Rena, do you ever miss playing the bass? (via breakmyrena)

Rena: I do! Sometimes I'll pick up Ian's bass - when he's kind enough to let me steal it for a moment - and I just jam on it sometimes. We do have a bunch of basses in our studio, but I really feel like singing is my passion. I sing when I'm feeling good, I sing when I'm feeling sad, I sing when I'm sick, I sing when I shouldn't be singing because I have Strep Throat. If I had to choose between the two, I would choose singing every time.

Q: What song are you currently in to at the moment?

Rena: Probably 'Issues' by Julia Michaels.

Q: Casey, how do you get your hair to look so flawless? (via mackie_1of1)

Rena: I ask him that same question every day! 

Casey: The trick is... have somebody else do it for you. More recently, I got it cut because it was super long and just a major pain in the ass. Now I can manage it and just wake up, and not have to do anything so it's fantastic. Yeah, normally, the only way it looks good is when the hairstylists do it for one show, and I'll try and make it last for as long as I can for like a month or something. 

Rena: Yeah, he hardly washes it and that's what keeps the good texture. 

Q: Now we're up to the most controversial question of them all- what is your attitude on pineapple on pizza? (via _ohmyclifford)

Rena: No, no!

Casey: No!

Rena: My take on it is that it's okay if you want to do it, just don't involve me. 

Casey: Do it somewhere else! And, while we're at it, mustard on hot dogs. 

Rena: What?! Why?

Casey: Ketchup ruins it. 

Rena: I'm so disgusted at what Casey just said because I love ketchup on hot dogs. 

Q: What style of pizza do you like then? 

Casey: I'm down with a Margherita pizza. 

Rena: I'm pretty boring, I just like a bunch of veges on mine. No cheese and a bunge of veges.

Casey: Yeah, but you're vegan.

Rena: I just can't take how sticky the vegan cheese is. We could go on about pizza for hours!

Q: Is there a chance you'll be returning to Australia anytime soon? (via @Teagy7)

Casey: I have absolutely no idea but hopefully we return very soon. We loved Australia when we went, and it became one of our favourite places to go. The weather's nice, the people are nice, and the concerts were great, so I don't know but hopefully after the album comes out we'll go down under. 

Q: Last time you were here you toured with 5 Seconds of Summer, but quite a few people would love to see you do a headlining tour next time you come. Could that happen? 

Casey: Yeah, I mean it would be cool to come down and do some headlining at clubs and things.

Rena: Yeah, that would be awesome. 

Hey Violet will release their debut album titled From The Outside on June 16th via EMI Music Australia.  The album is now available for pre-order from all retailers.  Those who pre-order will receive instant downloads of the tracks Brand New Moves,” “Fuqboi,” “Guys My Age,” and new single, “Break My Heart.”