Student Union Selects Zayn Malik As The Face Of Black History Month

Just weeks after Gigi Hadid mistook his ethnicity for "middle-eastern", social media is fuming over Kent Student Union's selection of Zayn Malik as the face of their Black History Month. 

You see, the problem is that he's actually half Pakistani and half English - which makes him Southeast Asian, not black. 

The student union at the university said they aimed to "empower" students through its Black History Month by choosing six public figures to represent diversity at various events throughout October.

Kent University's Student Union is now facing huge backlash with the official UK organisers for Black History Month tweeting: 

But, it didn't stop there, with others giving their opinion on the issue ...

The head of the Student Union at Kent University has since spoken out to apologise "to any individuals who were upset, uncomfortable or offended" by their choice of figureheads. 

What do you think? Was this a simple mistake or unacceptable?