Tana Mongeau Admits To Having Suicidal Thoughts In Apology Video

After all the recent drama that has occurred with Tana Mongeau, and all the mistakes she has made, she has decided to post an apology video addressing her wrongdoings. In the video, she acknowledges and apologises for a lot of things, and admits that she was actually considering killing herself.

In the video, Tana describes how she was hurt by the onslaught of hate she received (which was beyond what she thought possible), and how when people told her to kill herself, she genuinely wondered whether the world would be a better place without her. We’re so glad she never decided to go through with it, or attempt suicide, because everyone deserves forgiveness, life and second chances.

If you want to see Tana’s entire apology video (or just want to see the part where she admits to having thoughts of suicide, then just skip to 18:00), you can do so here:

We also want to stress that nobody deserves to kill themselves; whether they’ve done something awful, or are awful people. People deserve a chance at redemption; and we’re glad that Tana is showing people that it’s possible to redeem yourself, get through your struggles and come out a better person. If you have thoughts of suicide, please call Lifeline at 13 11 14. You are not alone, and you deserve to live.