Taylor Swift Surprises A Deserving Fan (And It's Not Who You Think)!

Normally, when you think of Taylor Swift fans, you think of teenage girls/twenty-something-year-old girls, and the occasional male. But, this Swiftie defies that stereotype!

Cyrus Porter, a World War Two veteran, is a massive Taylor Swift fan. Like, he doesn’t just love her, he LOOOOOVES her! He’s been to a few of her shows, and he’s known to blast Taylor’s music when he’s doing karaoke! Is he not adorable!? #GrandpaGoals

Well, here’s where it gets better; Taylor heard of his existence, and actually visited his house and hung out with him and his family!

When we found out Taylor had done this, there were immediate teardrops on our guitars, our faces were red and we just had to speak now about how much we love Taylor! 

We LOVE this! And we love Taylor! This would definitely be the best Christmas ever for Cyrus!

What do you think? Do you love Taylor? Do you love this story? Let us know!