Teen Wolf Nudes Have Been Spreading A Lot Lately ...

In what looks like a massive invasion of privacy, Tyler Posey and Cody Christian’s nudes have been leaked!

Spread all over the internet are their private pictures, and everyone is intrigued! We’re not gonna say we’re upset though, it’s a pretty ~cocky~ thing to do! Let's be real, we couldn’t stop ourselves and we went and had a look, and we’re ~literally dying~!

Teen Wolf co-star Dylan Sprayberry decided to have fun with the situation, posting this tweet that had us giggling:

Bella Thorne, Tyler’s ex, also had something to say about the leak:

She then went on to comment on an alleged (and probably fake) nude of her ex-boyfriend Gregg Sulkin. Is she just adding fuel to the flame?

So what do you think of the nudes? Have you seen them? Are you avoiding seeing them (because let's admit it- it is a massive invasion of privacy)? Let us know!