The 1975's 'The Sound' Could've Been A One Direction Song!

We've been ~obsessed~ with The 1975's single 'The Sound' since its release, but did you know that the song was nearly given to One Direction?

The band's frontman Matt Healy recently said, "I went into the studio with them [One Direction] for a couple of hours to work on some stuff, and funnily enough, I ended up showing them 'The Sound' as a suggestion, but nothing came of it." 

This is quite a shock given One Direction and The 1975's ~turbulant~ relationship. Earlier this year, Healy questioned One Direction's 'artistic credibility', speaking out about the bizarre - and quite obvious - similarities between 1D's unaltered version of 'Change Your Ticket' and The 1975's smash hit, 'Girls'. 

According to a sneaky source from The Sun, "Matty has had a right old rant about 1D sounding like The 1975. He has told several close mates about how wound up he is by the situation." Ouch!

But it seems to be all a-okay now, particularly given The 1975's ~magestic~ performance of What Makes You Beautiful!

Do you think The Sound is more suited to The 1975 or One Direction?