The Beauty & The Beast Music Video Is Out & It’s Amazing!

In one of Ariana and John Legend’s most Disney-esque videos (well duh, it’s a Disney movie, and a Disney song), they both look absolutely incredible! While John was in a suit, Ariana wore a ridiculously gorgeous dress that made her look like a Disney princess! We were shook as she appeared on screen, looking as gorgeous as ever, and then later emerged from flower petals! **She literally 'rose' to the occasion**

We’ve seen it once and we’re already so keen on seeing it again! If you want to watch the music video, you can do so here:

We felt our hearts melting while watching it, it’s literally our favourite music video either of them had made, and made us even more ready to watch the movie when it comes out! It’s going to be so good, we’ll be having a smile on our faces the entire time, watching the movie like:

We’re so keen for the movie to come out, casually counting down the days until we can finally go watch it! But we’ll warn you, we’re probably going to be way too shook to talk about it afterwards so we can’t guarantee we’ll survive!

So what do you think? Are you keen to see the movie? Not keen? Let us know!