The Chainsmokers Reveal The Title And Meaning Of Their Album!

While we’re used to The Chainsmokers releasing songs like Paris, Closer and the iconic #SELFIE, the boys have decided to take a new approach with their upcoming debut album.

Deciding to take a deeper, more meaningful approach to their music, The Chainsmokers have revealed that their new album will tell personal stories from their past and present, opening themselves up to their fans and the rest of the world. For that reason, the album will be called Memories...Do Not Open!

They describe each song on the album as a memory kept in a box from their childhood home, and we think that’s both beautiful and nostalgic, which is emphasised by their album artwork! If you’d like to read it all in their own words (and see their album cover), you can do so here:

Who knew The Chainsmokers had it in them? We can’t wait to hear what the album’s like, and what we’ll learn about them within it! Whichever way it turns out, we’re sure it’s gonna be lit! We’re excited!

What do you think? Are you down to hear the album? Excited for it? Dreading it? Let us know!