The Dunkirk Trailer Has Just Come Out And We’re Ecstatic!

Dunkirk, AKA the film that Harry Styles stars in, has just released its first trailer!
*screenshots literally every second that Harry’s it in*

 The movie details the Battle of Dunkirk, which was … well, a battle in Dunkirk, France. Set in World War 2, the movie will definitely be emotional, intense and as incredible as we’re hoping it’ll be! 

While Harry isn’t the main character in the movie, we do get to see some brooding shots of him, and a scene in which he appears to be drowning. Let’s be real, when we first saw that, we were literally screaming “NO DON’T KILL MY SON, MY SMOL BEAN, I’LL FITE YOU”. 

If you’d like to see the trailer, you can do so here:

We’re so excited to see this movie, it looks like it’ll be a masterpiece! Not just because Harry’s in it, but because every single person in that movie worked their butts off to make it happen! 

Will you be seeing the movie? Are you preparing your body for the overwhelming fangirling that will come from seeing Harry again on the big screen? Let us know!