The Final Trailer For Beauty & The Beast Is Here!

So after months of anticipation and excitement, we finally have the final full trailer for the live action version of Beauty & The Beast! We have so many things to be excited about! From the fact that it’s live action, starring the queen Emma Watson in it, and it’s Disney, it’s automatically guaranteed to be good.

Regardless of any of those things, we know this movie will feature fantastic beasts (and where to find them), brilliant acting and a romance that will leave us in tears!

If you want to watch the trailer, you can do so here:

Anybody else have goosebumps?! We’re so keen! Especially seeing that they played Ariana Grande’s version of Beauty & The Beast! We’re going to be in actual tears when we see this in theatres, it’s going to be so lit!
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So what do you think? Are you keen to see it? Gonna give it a skip? Let us know!