The First Trailer For '13 Reasons Why' Just Came Out And We’re SHOOK!

The first trailer for the new tv show 13 Reasons Why just came out and we literally can’t even! It looks amazing! The show has an amazing storyline, brilliant actors AND all of the episodes come out at once, and doesn’t make us wait for weekly episodes!
*cough* Riverdale *cough*

The trailer looks spooky AF, and looks like it’s going to be one of the most intense shows we’ll be seeing this year! If you wanna watch the trailer, you can do so here:

Spooky, right?! We’re so excited for this, we’ll definitely be spending all our time binge watching the show when it comes out. We’ll even give up our social lives!
*Lol, what social life? We literally just scroll through social media all day every day*

The series comes out on Netflix on March 31st, which is in ages, but we’re willing to wait because it’ll definitely be worth it! We might even kill the time waiting for it by reading the book it’s based on!

So what do you think? Are you keen for it to come out? Excited? Not your type of show? Let us know!