The Internet Can Entirely Relate To #HurtBae

Sadly, everyone has been there before, where someone you love and trust has betrayed you. In this case, it’s a boyfriend ...
**We know, we know; you’re probably thinking “Amplify, what’s a boyfriend?!”. Truth is, same!**

Recently, The Scene decided to post a video where a woman asks her ex boyfriend why he cheated on her. The video is so powerful and heartbreaking, and you know you want to watch it! 

The Internet had a field day with it, immediately relating to the girl and supporting her while cursing the man for what he did. Here are just a few things that they said in response:

We’re glad she’s got all this support! She deserves all the love in the world, and so do you! We’re so proud of her for getting out of that relationship; relationships like that aren’t always easy to leave.

'Hurt Bae', whose actual name is Kourtney, posted this on Instagram, and it looks like she’s doing amazingly well!

Happy Valentine's Day! -Kourtney 💕

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So what do you think? Did your heart break over the video? Are you glad she’s left him? Let us know!