The Internet Is Going Insane Over McDonald's New Uniforms

We often associate McDonald's with its bright golden arches, and vivid uniform colour. Now, it seems they have joined district McDonald in The Hunger Games

The American fast food giant has appeared to have adapted their uniform to correspond with the current political state of the country *ahem Trump*, with many drawing comparisons to North Korea's totalitarian regime. 

The new shirts and aprons, worn by American employees, are now grey-toned, and in stark contrast to the usual vivid attire commonly associated with the company. 

Understandably, the Internet are up-in-arms over the change in uniform, citing its resemblance to Kim Jong Un's daily garb, and the costumes seen in Star Wars and The Hunger Games

So, what do you think? Could the American chains of McDonald's learn something from its Australian counterpart? We think so.