The Kids From The “Hi, I’m…!” Video Are Back (And They’re All Grown Up)!

Do you remember this video?

Well, those kids are back! But this time, they’re adults! The people in the video decided to recreate their now ~iconic~ video to raise money for charity! Redoing the whole video (with the original sound), the video is hilarious to watch, and it’s for Red Nose Day!

If you wanna watch the recreated video, you can do so here:

They definitely still have the moves, and they’re amazing at it! We wonder how they felt when such an old video from their past resurfaced online! Either way, we’re so happy that they did something so brilliant in the name of charity, it’s the perfect way to raise awareness! We absolutely loved what they did, and we hope it does amazingly well!

So what do you think? Did you love it? Hate it? Let us know!