'The Originals' Actor Owiso Odera Tragically Passes Away At 43

Actor Owiso Odera, who played Papa Tunde in The Originals, tragically passed away while performing on stage over the weekend. 

It is reported that the Kenyan-born actor was living in Santa Monica and had been performing on stage in Kentucky when he suddenly collapsed. After many unsuccessful attempts to revive him, Owiso was pronounced deceased shortly after. 

Owiso's brother, Peter spoke to Standard Media telling them, "We are devastated by his demise. It is like a bad dream. I haven't come to terms with the news of his death. This is unbearable ... The last time we spoke he insisted I join him down in Santa Monica to pursue my education." 

The cast and crew of The Originals took to social media to pay their respects. 

Our thoughts go out to his loved ones, and the cast and crew of The Originals, who are mourning the loss of one of their own. 

Rest in peace, Owiso.