The Oscars Envelope Is Now Officially A Meme (And It's Incredible)!

Everyone knows about the disaster of the Best Picture award at yesterday’s Oscars. The producer showed up on stage during La La Land’s acceptance speech and abruptly announced that Moonlight had won, flashing the card to the cameras with Moonlight’s name on it. That said card instantly became a meme, and rightly so, as people began photoshopping other pieces of art that also deserved recognition. The results are hilarious! Check them out:

And that’s only a few of them! This meme is literally everywhere, we could even say they played their *cards* right. We think this will be around for a while, and tbh we’re not complaining, we’re laughing way too hard! Of all the great things that came from the Oscars, we think this is one of the best! We hope it does not die out anytime soon!

So what do you think? Do you think it’s hilarious? Let us know!