The Struggles With Being Short

If you’re short, like us, then bless you. You know how hard it is for you to reach stuff anywhere above the third shelf and we know ~exactly~ how you feel when people use you as a shelf to rest themselves on.

Firstly, who gave them the right to even lay their arms on us? Does being taller than us make them of higher status? Secondly, we do not have this option. The closest thing we can lean on is the floor (or the bench if you’re lucky). 

But let’s focus on the positives! We don’t hit our heads while walking through doorways and under low-hanging lights, we can wear heels without towering over the rest of the human population, we can sleep on a single bed without our feet hanging off the end, and we can fit into children’s clothes! 

The thing with height is that you don’t see the positives of being tall or short until, as a short person, you ask someone six inches taller than you what they think is great about being short, and they reply with a list, which seems endless.

In all seriousness, height doesn’t matter that much. People come in lots of different shapes and sizes … but admittedly it does get quite annoying having to stand on a chair to reach the top shelf. 

How tall are you and what are the dis/advantages of your height? Leave your height experiences in the comments and tag a tall or short friend!