This Viral Father & Daughter Got To Sing With Moana!

A while ago, we saw a video of a man and his daughter singing You’ve Got A Friend In Me on YouTube, and it went viral! People were blown away by the girl’s voice, and how great the father and daughter sounded together. This was the initial video that they posted that might ring a bell:

Well, now the father and daughter duo have returned! This time with a special guest! Thanks to Ellen, the daughter, Claire Crosby, was surprised by the appearance of the voice of Moana, Auli’i Cravalho! After a brief (and adorable) interaction, they agreed to sing How Far I’ll Go together, and we think it might just be the greatest/cutest thing we’ve ever seen!

We love everything about this video; we love how cute it is, how good they sound together, and just all of the happiness within it! It makes us way too excited to watch Moana again when it’s on DVD! Tbh it’s gonna be lit!

What do you think? Do you wish you were the little girl, singing with Auli’i? Or do you wish you were Auli’i? Let us know!