There’s A New Beauty & The Beast Trailer & We’re Obsessed!

During the Golden Globes, Disney released a new trailer for Beauty & The Beast, and it features so many more moments from the movie! We were already excited when we first found out that Disney was making this, but now we can barely hold in our excitement! 

In this new trailer, we finally get to hear Emma Watson sing Belle, which was a lot more incredible than we expected (I mean, is there anything Emma Watson can’t do?!). Not only that, but we also get to see more scenes between Bella and the Beast AND see the castle! 

So now we’re literally dying, but also living, kinda like a state of being between those two things! 

If you want to watch the trailer for yourself, you can do so here: 

It’s so beautiful ... it’s so beastly … it’s so magical … it’s so … Disney!

So what do you think!? Do you love this trailer as much as we do?! Let us know!