These Influencers Want To Put An End To Bullying In Australia

Australian influencers - such as Troye Sivan and Laurelle Mellet - are joining force to petition for a new national anti-bullying program with a LGBTI focus to be implemented in schools across the country.

The proposal endorses a program that would prevent "all forms of bullying, including that which is based on religion, race, gender, faith, sexuality, disability, skin conditions, social standing or political persuasions".

With less than a week until Australia's federal Budget, Australia's leading influencers are calling on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and education minister Simon Birmingham to assign approximately $6 million to the proposal. 

"We believe that it can be achieved by way of a national program which aims to prevent violence and bullying not only in schools, but later on in a child's adult life," reads the petition. "We do not seek a program that seeks approval of the way certain members of our society live. We seek only mutual respect and tolerance."

According to Troye Sivan, Australia needs a program that focuses on LGBTQ kids.

"There was a previous anti-bullying program called Safe Schools and it existed to help kids like me, but it was made controversial by newspapers and politicians who still refuse to accept that people like me should be tolerated, and not just tolerated but respected, especially in schools," he said. 

"Australia needs an anti-bullying, anti-violence program with a focus on LGBTQ bullying, that isn't just another bullying program... If we don't act now, future suicides, self harm, murders, and domestic violence will continue unabated."

Alright Hey and Dylan Rass are just a few of the people who are backing the proposal, which currently has close to 3,000 signatures. 

Make your mark, and help put an end to bullying and domestic violence in Australia. 

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