This Beauty Blogger Uses Something Really Odd To Remove Her Makeup!

In the online world, beauty hacks are not uncommon. However, this one is a bit different. 

We all know that sleeping in your makeup is a major skincare no-no. But, what about those nights when you're on the brink of dying and there's no makeup wipes or cleanser to remove it? Well, Beauty Blogger Maria Yeager has the answer (and it's pretty darn weird)!

Instead of using shaving cream to remove her body hair, Maria uses it to remove a full face of makeup. Yes, you read it right - shaving cream! 

The beauty blogger's Instagram tutorial has attracted more than 466,000 views and received a mixed reaction from fans. Many have deemed it "dangerous" and "a dumb video to attract more followers" while one fan has added, "As a licensed esthetician who knows the physiology and anatomy of skin as well as cosmeceutical ingredients, please do NOT use this method of makeup removal. Do NOT use soap. Go to a professional and use professional products. Your skin will thank you." Good point! But there's no denying Maria's creativity!

It's important to note that shaving creams/gels should not be applied anywhere near the eyes (a tip that you can find on almost every bottle!) and therefore, isn't the best product to use to remove eye makeup. This method also has a history of causing break-outs so we wouldn't really recommend it! 

Better to be safe than sorry!