This Female Gamer Was Being Harassed Online So She Uploaded It To YouTube!

An Overwatch gameplay video has been uploaded to the Internet after a female player was hurled with sexist comments by her fellow male gamers.  

Not only is the content disturbing, it signifies a bigger problem: you must fit into the stereotypical image of what a gamer is supposed to be (i.e. male) or else you will be forced to exclude yourself.

"I am putting this and a few other examples of the way I am treated up not just for entertainment," Overwatch player Glisa said in the description of the YouTube video. "I want to give people a look into how women are treated online. This is not OK, and I'm doing my best to show that." 

Two fellow Overwatch players - Acayri and Joel - verbally harassed Glisa for 16 minutes. Acayri seems to take control, throwing abuse the female gamer's way, non-stop. Here are just a few of the things he said over the course of the match:

• "Mercy, heal me. I won't call you ugly again. Just kidding, you're probably ugly."
• "I like how this Mercy's trying to heal me because she wants me."
• "I'm assuming Glisa's setup is in her kitchen — as you know, she is a woman."
• "We honestly lost because we had an e-girl on our team"
• "Can you stop talking please?"
• "I like Americans because they're good at raping people."
• "This isn't sexual harassment, this is gender equality."
• "You're a woman, do you even have a right to give your opinion?"

At around the 3:40 mark, Glisa tried to defend herself, but unfortunately, that only made it worse. 

"Just in case anyone was curious what sexual harassment looks like, this is it," she said. 

In response Acayri says, "Yeah, we basically just raped her." 

It appears that Glisa is no stranger to this behaviour online, as it does not affect her as much as you would expect, which makes this issue even more serious. Most commenters have stated that Glisa played the game better than her male counterparts, which further proves the point that gaming should not be restricted to males. 

Are you a female gamer, and if you are, have you experienced this kind of abuse? Share your thoughts!