This Guy Posts Hilarious Tweets To Get Free Stuff From Companies

Admit it: we would all love to receive some freebies from companies simply for promoting them online. But, often it's not something we actually try; it's usually just a pipe dream. For British Artist Hector Janse van Rensburg, it became a reality.

It all started when the artist known as 'Shitty Watercolour' tweeted a picture of himself in a bathtub with a bottle of Radox bath gel.

Surprisingly, Radox actually replied!

In a follow-up tweet, he proudly displayed his free package! 

He then realised that he was on to something pretty special, so he tried his luck at getting a free Aston Martin car, posting the following:

Much to his surprise, Aston Martin actually responded and offered him a free car!

Yeah, yeah, so the car isn't as big as you probably expected, but still, we wouldn't say no! 

How can we learn this meticulous craft? It truly is a gift!