This Person’s Lipstick Is Literally A Work Of Art

A makeup artist named Jazmina Daniel has been recreating pop culture artworks using lipstick and it’s iconic! Her artworks vary from Disney movies all the way to Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement! We’re so shook at the flawlessness of the lipstick looks, we wish we could do makeup that well! But let’s be real, we wouldn’t even be able to do that with a regular pencil and paper! If you wanna see a few of the lipstick looks, you can do so here:

Honestly, if we had lipstick on that looked like that, we would not be kissing anyone, we would not be eating anything, our lips would have to stay as fresh as possible! Good thing we don’t have a boyfriend *lol, what’s a boyfriend?*

Those lip artworks are incredible! We’re so jealous that we don’t have that ability!
*practices for 84 years* 

So what do you think? Do you love it? Hate it? Wanna hire her to do your formal makeup? Let us know!