Thousands Of Women All Over The World Join The #WomensMarch - Including Our Faves!

Yesterday, women all over the world marched in protest of Donald Trump’s ideas and policies about women’s issues.

Literally none of them had any time for Trump as they marched in protest of him. It turns out, our faves agree with them! Among the thousands of people there, many of them were celebrities! Here are just a few of them who attended:

The protest was also filled with the most amazing signs! Filled with wit and sass that made us go “YAAAAAAAAAASSSSS QUEEN!!!"

 Here are some of the best signs:

We’re so proud of these women for marching, and we wish we could have marched right with them!

In fact, we’re thinking of signs right now that we could make for the next one!
**begs Mum to let us go**

So what do you think? Would you have protested right alongside them if you could? Did you participate in a march in your city? Let us know!