Today We Officially Said Goodbye To Obama

Today the world mourned because we had to farewell Obama. We’re all going to miss him and his family so much! He was an amazing president who we all looked up to, and just couldn’t help but like! But now he’s leaving, and this is ~literally~ us right now:

Before he left, he gave an extremely beautiful speech where he acknowledged those who were with him along the way. His words were as eloquent, beautiful, genuine and heartfelt as you’d expect. Make sure you have a box of tissues next to you though before you watch anything!

Here’s what he said to Michelle:

He also said this about the unity of America, the fight against terrorism and other things:

Basically, we’re gonna miss him, and even though we might not ever have another president like him, or a first lady like Michelle, we can still be inspired by them. He basically just told us to not let the country change based on the ideas of the next president.

What do you think? Are you sad to see the Obama family leave? Will you miss them too? Let us know!